Letting fashion update my confidence

It’s April and I want to say I’m back to some regularity. Yay. With British weather being broken and snow during spring, I’m spending more time indoors looking over fashion websites in search of bargains and hunting down mid-season sales. To get some outfit inspiration I looked through my Pinterest account (my vault for digital scrapbooking) for all things fashion. I created this ‘style’ folder a few years ago and just kept storing away the suggestions that I liked every time I opened up Pinterest. With one quick sweeping glance over the hundred-plus pinned images, all I can say about my collections of pins is that I’ve always been a major fan of colour and my pin-triggering hoard will prove that. However, after all these years of shopping and filling out my growing closet, I ignored the pins and just never attempted to wear colour or pay heed to the overflowing inspiration.

With time and experience I have learnt that knowing what makes my eyes glimmer and what suits me when worn is important, one: to avoid wasting money on buying the wrong clothes and two: because they currently represent one of my self-love goals, confidence. Every time I open my cupboard doors all I see is a sea of mish-mash colours. Job well done to Pinterest. I am now the proud owner of colourful wide-leg trousers. A sentence I wouldn’t have uttered two years ago. But now that I am through all that, it’s just as they say the rest is all “history”, it’s onwards and upwards from here. In the past, I have admittedly made the mistake of sticking to two colours, black and beige. Never paid much attention to the style, whether it suited me or not, as long as the colours matched the plain description I was a happy shopper.

The older I get the more I fall in love with the process of self-building. Though there are moments when I fall back. Fashion is fostering my creativity and part of my growth. This newfound confidence is fostering my patience and strength. Pinterest is just at the top of it all, keeping it all together neatly.

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