Spending spring by the canal

The coolness of Spring is back, I hope. There was a moment whilst walking towards that canal that the confused weather felt warm enough for me to take off my coat. And, just to enjoy the moment of heat I took it off, it was the best spring feeling ever. I overheard chatter around me of people saying how hot it is, I was happy to agree silently. Although the little heat spell lasted an hour. I enjoyed every sixty minutes of it. Loved the feeling of warmth on my skin. Finally, after weeks of feeling single-digit weather, we’re starting to move up in degrees. I walked past people in heavy coats to those only wearing short sleeves and felt the transitioning confusion. I was somewhere in the middle carrying my coat instead of wearing it.Ā 

Being by the canal has been my go-to since I discovered its location by the Olympic Park a few years ago. I walked there with my friend just by chance and Iā€™m glad our tired legs kept going on that hot summer’s day. We found a spot to sit, sipped on our contrasting temp beverages (mine was a hot chocolate, hers was a cold smoothie) and enjoyed long meaningful conversations. Today Iā€™m back at the canal for some stillness that my mind craves. To catch a break from the chaos of life and screen-fueled minutes I make sure I carve out a few hours in the week to recharge by the water, to daydream and breathe in the freshest air London has to offer, as I watch the water move slowly with the current, looking out for ducks dipping in to create seamless ripples, putting me in a meditative state. I sit there for as long as I can letting my thoughts float away.

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