Making the most of the sunny days

It’s getting considerably warm now. I’m making the most of the warm afternoons by spending more time in my garden. Passing through thick humid air with a jumper tightly wrapped around me, which unsightly is paying off every time a gush of wind hits me with its coldest chills. Nonetheless, here I am setting up my garden chairs to sit directly in view of the sun and with my feet up. I’ll relocate my chair when the shade begins to form over me.

My current thoughts are on the book that’s sitting snugly on my lap. I’m four hundred pages in and fully engrossed with the chapter I’m presently reading. The overall book is a complete collection of ten separate books published into one, by Neville Goddard. I’ve read eight and have two more to go. To describe what the book is about, in short, I’ll say it’s all about manifesting and working on the mind. Presently this is my favourite subject to read. I’m absorbing the words as I turn from one page to the other. 

The breeze whilst sitting in the direct view of the sun is somewhat becoming my best friend. My neighbours in the back row of houses (think UK block layouts) have a fully blossomed tree in their backyard. Every time a full force of wind shakes the branches, pink petals like confetti fall over my garden with one landing delicately on my open book. Giving the open page a little beauty spot that it deserved. I let the petal sit there as a gentle reminder of finding small treasures in all places. Easily please me.

One thought on “Making the most of the sunny days

  1. That sounds like a cosy and relaxing day indeed. I love this little vignette of your day, and it sounds exactly like something I’d do to make the most out of my own sunny days. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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