That social media detox and enjoying it

There are a couple of subjects that are running like wildfire in my mind, one typically being the sun and the other being rest. Every time I seem to mention the sun, it hides behind the thickest and greyest of clouds, why? However, leaving the topic of heat behind, I do want to spend time working through the latter subject. Whilst I was busy giving myself a break I did read a few demotivated related posts on Instagram. I was grateful to know I’m not the only one or in better terms, I’m not alone in feeling what I’m feeling. Demotivation and all other low self-worthy beliefs are pressing thoughts that pop up every once in a while. The question that comes to mind is how does one truly rest mentally? Personally, for me, I can’t spend untimely minutes in bed or lying on the sofa staring up at the ceiling or even my phone. I don’t have it in me to procrastinate. This stimulates my mind with more unwanted disarray that I’m not interested in entertaining. Those posts that I read were the last thing I saw on my main Instagram page before deactivating and I never looked back. I took and still am taking the break idea completely seriously. I needed space to breathe and recharge my mind.

Today I was walking past a mini seating area inside Westfield (mall). I took a quick sweeping glance over all the people sitting down as I walked by them. Roughly all five of them were a mix of different genders, ages and races. But the one thing each of them had in common was their posture, their gazes were down and staring straight at their phones. Not to judge, of course, they could’ve been doing anything like replying to a message or sending an email. However, as I strolled away. I felt gratitude towards the social media detox, this just added two more weeks to my said ending date. I didn’t look back to see if anyone had looked up. This would’ve and could’ve been me once upon a time ago, but not today, my phone was zipped up in my handbag, at hands reach, yet out of view. My back hurt at the sight of all the bent necks. 

Breaking away from wasting time doomly scrolling has been the best 2022 decision. Reality came knocking at my door taking me away from digital likes and comments for a few weeks. I feel clear, my mind less cluttered and life seems simpler without all the chaos. The more I pick up my phone, the more I want to put it back down. My colleague said you’re off the radar and I couldn’t agree more. I’m becoming pickier by the day about what I feed my body and mind.

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