That morning hot chocolate hits differently

7am. I woke up this morning to the sound of a familiar noise. It was so close yet so far, pulling me away from my dream state and turning my attention towards the source of the noise aka my phone alarm. I contemplated whether I should or even could reset my alarm to give me ten more minutes of sleep. When it comes to tired eyes in the morning every single second counts and feels like a luxury. According to some memes, this is common, I collectively with thousands of other people across the globe have three alarms set to go off every few minutes. 

Waking up eventually, I went about my essential morning routine. To do what I can to stave off negativity, I’ve restarted meditating, mending the broken system that can be helped by only being still for some minutes. The complete state of blankness is when I’m finally in the present state, something every self-help, habit-breaking book I’ve read to date has strongly written about over and over. To each text with similar messages, I reply Ok, ok I got it, I need to be more present.

Upon the completion of my meditation, I headed straight for the fridge door. I knew where I wanted to be at that very tranquil moment and that was to pull out the only produce I needed from the cold box, milk. The first mix to my hot beverage. As I explain to everyone who tells me I’m a hot chocolate lover, which I am, the only two drinks I like and have are water and hot chocolate. That’s pretty good if you ask me. I stay away from all things caffeinated and fizzy. Being away from Costa Coffee for two weeks does make me homesick. The homemade and cost-effective remedy for this is a big purple tub of Cadbury hot chocolate powder.

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