Pink is the new black

Tis the season to shred the layers and ditch the greys. It’s time to welcome and make room for the hottest and trendiest shade in town pink. Pink’s put in the hard work, taking over the runways with designers like Valentino by its side. And, has quite quickly become the new black. Well for me it has. Ever since I saw Rihanna in her pink jacket I knew an update to the closet was needed. However, this shade of pink that I’m talking about isn’t any old pink, it’s the hot pink that really catches your attention from across the room, looks jaw-dropping amongst all the dark shades and brightens up a dull day. 

For a few weeks now I’ve been seeing the reappearance of hot pink dotted around retail shops like Zara, Next and H&M, other retailers are slowly following suit. Catching sight of the gorgeous colour giving off pretty vibes to the display units as it glides its way into the new season’s collections, has given me ideas for my new shopping list must haves. However, the quantity is just not enough, more would be nice, please. After the past two tempestuous years we’ve all had, I’m ready to update my summer wardrobe with all things pink. And, more than ready to wear the shade every single day. Injecting the quintessential colour into cold mornings and dreary afternoons. Go bright, go bold, go energetic, go happy or go home. 

Today, on my way to the Tate Modern I walked past a girl who looked effortlessly glamorous in her hot pink blazer. I don’t know if anyone else’s head turned, but mine sure did. I did a double-take on how stunning her outfit looked. Internally I said to myself that’s the new content for my spring/ summer closet and at that very moment my mind had been made up, I was going to infuse pink into everyday outfits, whether it was a top, blazer or even a simple accessory like a belt or necklace.

Pink is where it’s at and I’m all for it. I not so secretly hope the colour lasts for more than eight months and is given the collectional shelf life of 365 days (and more, of course). If I keep seeing this shade appear every season, including winter, I’ll dress differently during the colder months. I’m sure I will see more girls wearing pink. The numbers in sales will prove the dominance.

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