To blog some more like the (g)olden days

How to bring blogging back to life. After posting here and there, I can tell you that I’ve missed sitting down to write complete gibberish. There is some fun behind the words. Absence really makes the heart grow fonder. Mine did. I looked for all the bloggers I once followed and wondered where everyone was? Of course, I catch up with their posts on Instagram. However, most posts ended in 2021 and were never relooked at unless reposted or updated every few months. I felt nostalgic every time I clicked the next post button. The years were jumping by with each page. It’s 2022, I don’t want to time travel to 2010 in a matter of seconds when blogging was popular and posts were uploaded daily with 100 words and grainy images.

I do miss reading content by my favourite bloggers. I miss them posting the way they once used to, on a daily basis. Daily posting turned into weekly, then monthly and now yearly. Their engaging, authentic pieces inspired me to become more creative and poetic with my words. I got to give it to blogging for giving me the skills and confidence to write.

Blogging today isn’t the same as when it first started. I remember the excitement of all the likes and encouraging comments. How sweet was everyone with their keep it up advice? I know blogging won’t be the same as it is now in another five or ten years. By then I wonder if pre-2010 blogs will be considered as relics or how ancient this post of mine will look in ten years’ time.  One can only imagine what’s next, there must be a developer constructing the next big thing to social media write as I type this out.

I’ll admit my blog was beginning to become a little too scarce, and I didn’t like seeing the gaps between the post dates grow. I at times avoided looking at my blog as the first thing my eyes would fall upon was the last upload date and I’d feel guilty for not having anything new to add. Due to the business of work, I just wasn’t getting the time to sit down to write and when I did get a few mins I was too burned out. 

Instagram now with its trending witty or paragraphed captions has taken over the scene in lightning speed. On top of this, we’ve become heavy consumers of all things digital, adapters to the technological change. Stories and reels have become the go-to absorb new outfit inspirations, hacks for almost everything and life discussions. This is all done within a 10-second bite, with zero time to blink before the next story appears. How short is our attention span? Has technology made us lazier? Are things too easily accessible? Remember the days of internet dial tones when we’d sit and wait excitedly for a minute or two to be connected to the world-wide-web? Our patience back then was on another level. Now when the wi-fi stops working for a second we start tapping our feet.

One thought on “To blog some more like the (g)olden days

  1. What is strange or not so strange is that people follow and then lose interest. It’s easy to get burned out after awhile when it feels like we are writing only for ourselves. I dont believe people really read anymore. Their own blog becomes more important. I’ve had people click on like as soon as I pressed send on a new post. This tells me they didn’t even read it. No wonder blogging isnt what it used to be.

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