A little Primark edit to fill the day

9am. It’s pretty early for some, but very late for me when it comes to getting out of bed. On a normal day, I draw a line at 8. However, for the past couple of weeks, my body has been making the most of days off from work by sleeping in. The 6am or 7am rises have been completely out of sight. What the body wants, the body gets, right. 

Today was a day to stop leaving off all the stuff I was leaving for tomorrow. And, that was baring the long queues and buying vests from Primark. I’ve always specifically bought them from Primark. One, the pricing easily fits my budget and it hasn’t changed that much in the past ten years. I for one am grateful that not everything is going up by the tens. Two, the straps are adjustable, so I can customise them to my specific preference and fitting. I’ve always found vest straps to be far too low. When it comes to Primark’s pricing on basic capsule essentials I like to bulk buy and all for obvious reasons of course. The length of the queues are long enough to make me put one or two items back on the rails, walk out the way I entered, empty-handed and then tell myself “I’ll come back another day”. It takes a handful of essential items for me to be able to wait that long. 

My number tips when stepping foot into Primark is not to wander off towards the beauty or homeware section. Otherwise, I’ll be there for an extra two hours. To have a checklist of wants and must-haves in mind. Despite all the set rules I still have plenty of moments when I tell myself “no I don’t need that £2 item”. 

After zigzagging past numerous displays and countless shoppers. I stopped to ask a sales assistant where the vests were kept, The 10 laps I did around the same units failed at every corner and turn. In an open space of a few metres, I was lost in a maze of tunics and yoga pants. The sales assistant kindly pointed me in the right direction. Using her guidelines I quickly manoeuvred my way over to the table layered with vests of all sizes and colours. Luckily for me, the piles were still stacked up neatly, so I easily found what I needed without digging through a stash of the wrong-sized vests. With my goods in my hands and not a basket, as I know what happens with light baskets they get overfilled until they’re too heavy to carry. I walked over to the mile-long queue. I did momentarily stop to look at the beauty section but tip/ rule in mind I didn’t need any of the well-priced items, talked myself out of getting things I didn’t need. 

As it’s a Monday the numbers were not rocket high. I did manage to hashtag a few posts on my new (design) Instagram page while I waited in line. How’s that for multi-tasking? On the subject of using time wisely, I’ve come to learn writing short daily goals of things that need to be done are easier to manage and very victorious.

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