Setting up my portfolio

I’ve gone awol from the desk front as I’m busy working behind the scenes. Not to be unproductive and use my time wisely I’ve taken an hour out each working day to focus on my branding portfolio. I’ve been posting as much as I possibly can, leaving maybe a day’s gap in between. To do the same for my blog, I downloaded the Google Doc app onto my phone.

Catching up with blogging, I want to introduce the blog to the very first brief I worked on and uploaded to Instagram, the very reason my time outside of work was limited. It had been months of not doing anything creatively challenging in a design or artistic sense. So I was more than ready to grab my stash of pencils and notepad for the most important part, idea doodling. Excited to be joining hundreds of other people in a creative brief and sharing my version to a hashtag community of thousands.

The brief was to design a logo and tissue paper for a bagel company called The Bagel Shack. I wanted my design to be different in a cheesy way (pun intended). I was thinking of cheese and beaches long before I got started with the drawing process, hence the signpost in the centre. Hours of research done through various websites meant if I wasn’t looking at beach shacks I was eyeing up bagel recipes.

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