Finding joy in creativity

Incoming new brief showcase. This would be the third I worked on since re-signing up to Instagram with a new design account. A little background detail: I made the account at 5am. Unable to fall back asleep I decided to stay awake and be productive. I chose the route of the 1%, minus the cold showers. Living in the UK, this is not possible, ice baths are not on my agenda. 

By creating this Instagram account I found a quick and simple portal to add my portfolio. At the time the portfolio was unexisting. I had signed up for Fiverr to begin a journey of freelancing. However, that dream was put on hold. Due to the lack of images. My profile still remains incomplete. I looked over the profiles of other accounts and realised I was visually invisible. I did not wish to be at the bottom of a list of a thousand. Unseen and unheard of. And so along came Instagram. Joy was brought back to the goal.

Working on briefs has been challenging yet fun. Aside from creating art (single line drawings), I haven’t practised design so intensely in a long time, years to be exact. By brief three I was really getting the hang of it all. Researching, pinning thousands of images. Looking over Youtube tutorials for Photoshop. Creating mood boards. I felt like I was back at university spending all my hours in the library sprawling through books, turning the corners of pages or marking them with post-it notes (the early 20th-century Pinterest). It was around this time the burnt-out that kept me away from blogging and all else had passed at long last. I was finally happy to be back on the creative route. There was so much to be planned, drawn and written. And I was/ am still enjoying each moment of it all.

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