Finding joy in being productive: part two

Free time? What’s that? I’ve been spending all the possible hours I can working away on my growing portfolio. Each (Instagram) square is a square away from a new skill. By the time I reached brief three, I was pulling no stops in trying new challenging techniques. Art on all occasions was well overdue. Every part of designing was becoming a joy. Evenings were occupied by a paintbrush. The excitement came from the motivation of creating new ideas. I wanted my final pieces to be unique and wow-fully intricate. The overused pen tool went far and beyond, for all that my imagination wanted it to create. No object was or is out of its sight. As the saying goes “anything is possible” and for the Photoshop pen tool that is the case.

Ok, so a little brief history, the requirement for this brief was to create logo design and packaging for a cereal brand called Coco Crunch. With chocolate being my favourite subject I knew I would enjoy working on this project, from the brainstorming to the final presentation. The most enjoyable part of course was researching different chocolate desserts, for a chocoholic this was dessert haven. Out of all the nine images posted, the spoons of three different chocolate mixes is my favourite piece. I call this piece the hall of fame.

Self-taught to an extent, I learned through Pinterest and Instagram all the possibilities of combining two images together to create a logo. Without uni lectures or pricey textbooks, Pinterest is doing a mighty job at teaching me. As someone who loves attention to detail and working with negative spaces, I loved the combination style. Through my idea-board, I collected images that were related to the theme. Logo one: is of an imperfect coco with crunches dotted around it and a spoon cut into the middle to create the letter C. Logo two features a spoon and wheat. For both logos, the silhouettes are simple and illustrative. The “oh that’s a spoon” and “oh yeah I see the C” engagement was quite the hit in my books, they were worth every scrap paper and rough drawing idea.

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