Here’s to new beginnings and resetting

Late to the show became my theme for the first half of the year. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that it’s already June and still raining. T-shirt season is matching my lateness. I wonder if it’s also preparing for bigger and better things, like a heatwave for a fortnight long(er).

I’ve been spending all my spare minutes on goal creation. Having recently read a quote about the value of our time, I decided not to waste the minutes on meaningless thoughts or activities. Gosh, I’ve given away so many free seconds to unworthy negativity. Luckily my mind is unable to calculate the time duration for wasted minutes.

After a little pause during my project work, there was one thought that crossed my mind and refused to leave ‘it’s time for a mindful reset’. I let the thought stay and grow bigger. I’m all ready for it. Ready with fresh eyes for a fearless mind. Unknowing and experiencing everything, prepared to start over and from scratch. Inclined to relearn with a blank canvas. With some willful meditation, affirmations and determination it’s possible to clear out all that’s unneeded. If one sweep isn’t enough give the ataxia two or even three scrubs if that helps to remove the toughest stains aka breaking away from old habits.

  • Today is a fresh start full of new blessings
  • My reset allows me to realign and reach new goals
  • I have full faith in all the blessings that are coming my way
  • I am reaching my dreams
  • I am successful in letting go of all negative past thoughts

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