A morning of bending rules

So, something wonderful happened today, here’s me enjoying the simpler life. I discovered new/old blogs I had never read or missed. I did hit the star button to save their websites in my bookmark folder, to revisit at later dates.

Getting ready this morning. I decided to put my reset in order. It takes a good number of days to break or change a habit, however, living in the moment can mindfully be done as soon as you put your mind to it. I broke away from the automatic habit of grabbing my main makeup bag that contains the near-empty, overused makeup products and instead opened my drawer to grab an eyeshadow palette that was only ever used once to swatch on the back of my left hand and not on my eyelids. My favourite choice of makeup is near-natural, so plenty of neutrals, browns, golds and the occasional greens. Looking over the unused palette and instantly crossing off shades for being too bright or shimmery. The artist in me decided to play with the makeup and mix three different shades together to see what they would make. The shades came from the same hue, brown, but with different tones. To some, they’re just the same colour but for me they are: light brown, dark brown and reddish-brown. Variations count. There are around 250 shades of brown. I did just Google that to check. Adventurously rather than aiming for the back of my hands to test the shade I had just invented, I brushed the colour straight onto the crease of my eyelids and blended it seamlessly on my skin. I was pleasantly pleased with the result. For an everyday work look, I lust over the no-makeup-makeup, adding shades where need be.

I looked over the rest of my morning routine and thought about all the other tweaks I could possibly make. Alternate between products that I use and how long I can meditate. What Affirmations would be nice for that day? Breaking habits felt like goal setting and extremely quickly achieving the results.

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