Accepting compliments without the awkwardness

Every time I pull out my laptop or sit down to write on my desktop, I realise how much joy writing down my random thoughts brings. I miss this greatly. Blogging and sharing words is certainly a passion. 

“You look glamorous” Was the compliment I was given at work the other day. I had made plans earlier that week to go out for pasta after work with a friend of mine. Going out after work for me meant dressing up for work. My usual garb for the day wasn’t quite the same. I turned up at work casually dressed up. The no-makeup makeup wasn’t so faint as it usually is. My eyeliner was as black and bold as ever. I just can’t redo my makeup after an eight-hour shift, maybe touch it up but not start from scratch on a not-so-fresh-face. 

I welcomed the compliment without the awkwardness of laughing, stuttering and trying to play the compliment off. Why do we do this? There’s no saying no to genuine kind words in my books, whatever they may be. Receiving compliments is a bonus in elevating the mood, especially when I’ve made an effort and put in the extra minute. In the past, long before my self-love journey, I didn’t know how to say a simple “thank you” every time someone complimented me. I would instantly respond with something that I didn’t like about myself. Even with there being nothing wrong, I would find something. Sounds like I’m describing someone else. Doing so only welcomed more problems and according to The Secret (book) brings to life an issue that never existed. However, I wasn’t alone in doing this. Looking back at my environment, it was/ is typical human nature to be our own worst critic. I put my hands up to admit this fault.

On a positive note accepting compliments increases general happiness. It’s as easy as that. 

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