What I’m currently reading

It’s back to school with the law of attraction. A few months back I picked up the latest book by Rhonda Bryne, The Secret Masterclass, while I was in the university town of Oxford (UK). I had an hour to spare before my train back to London was scheduled to leave. I stopped by Waterstones to browse through their colossal collection of self-help books when I spotted a new cover under Rhonda’s name. How could I not pick this up? I took my copy over to the cash desk.

I’m learning to master and control my thoughts in all aspects of life; relationships, health and money.

The last chapter I read was about health in which she mentioned we attract what we want by giving it all of our undivided attention. Instead of continuously thinking about the issue we need to turn our thoughts away from it and toward what we want. I for one understand how difficult this can be. Our thoughts perceive and process the situation, allowing us to make or break something for the better or worse. As the phrase says “if we set our mind to it”.

Presently influenced by the words in the book, they give me a seedling of hope for each delicate yet not so-fragile day. I affirm for each day to be better than the last as I try to unpaint the past from my thoughts.

The next subject is money, this will be exciting.

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