Here’s to the art of not rushing

No matter what our age is, we never really stop learning. Typically I left behind the pencil-etched school desks a long while ago. The last time I entered a classroom to study anything was back in, ok, ok I’m going to leave the yearly details. But let’s just say it was some time ago and I’ll leave it at that. *laughs*.

There’s no full stop with life lessons. A continuous subject that modifies with the ongoing days and experiences. I’m continuously trying to approach the topic as best as I can, to understand what needs be, refresh where needed and clear out what’s no longer or never was required or serving any purpose. 

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about being present, however, today there was a moment when I was anything but present. Arriving early at work, I didn’t go into the building straight away. Instead, I decided to make the most of the 30-degree weather, by occupying a bench near work and reading my book. The shade and generously hot wind had me settled. Completely relaxed, all my attention was on the book I paid no heed to the time. Casually glancing at my phone I did a double-take at the time displayed. It was almost time for me to start work. Rushing, I packed away my book and hurried off to work. Getting there I continued to race around, hurriedly put things away into my locker and walked up to my room. During this time span, I forgot one fine detail, the new clock-in system that has been installed at the staff entrance. It wasn’t until my colleague asked if I had clocked in that I remembered I hadn’t. I was so caught up with not being late and moving around automatically that I had completely forgotten about the clock-in pad and walked past without a second thought.

My mind was so diverted that I worried about the unknown instead of being present and acknowledging my surroundings. As it happens I arrived on time.

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