Catch up Sunday

I’m back to some regularity and enjoying every word of it. Who knew spilling out my thoughts could be so therapeutic. This past week has primarily been based on mindful thoughts. I’m coming to the end of my book The Secret Masterclass. It’s an easy and quick read and I probably would’ve finished the book a few days ago. However, being so influenced by the words, I’m taking my sweet time reading it. I open the book every time I need a push. Learning the lessons within has come at the right time. Although a huge part of me wishes I had read the first sequel of The Secret much earlier on in life, when I was back in university, experiencing life a lot differently. Every time I feel stuck I instantly try to take charge of my thoughts and remove the knot.

I’ve come to the final chapter of the book that’s based on money. Each section takes me back to the message of what the secret is, your thoughts control everything. As a friend of mine once said, this reminder needs to be consistent and continuous for it to stick. Each new paragraph relaxes me further into a positive and calm mood. What more do I want from life? On a very fine note, I spend most of my reading time in the back garden with my feet up enjoying the beautiful summer. Baring my arms to the hot air feels so good. I’m reading about wealth while feeling like I’m living the life. On that thought let me pause for a minute, stretch back and imagine myself lying on a hammock.

Our past experiences become stored memories that influence the way we function, sounds automated or robotic which is why a complete “system” reset is important. Seeing, hearing or experiencing anything that may feel or sound off triggers us negatively, setting up the flight or fight mode. Positive experiences and fond memories strengthen and raise our positive emotions, which help to fight stressful situations. Keeping negative emotions at bay. Battle of the fittest and may the positive emotions conquer all.

Who knows this time next month or next season I may be lying on a hammock.

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