It’s been a tough week

Last week I painfully said goodbye to my furriest best friend, my pet cat of 14 incredible years. She brought so much joy and love into my life. All she had to do was sit in one place and I’d think wow you are so cute, before stroking her and attempting to give her a hug without being scratched. 

I always put the thought of saying goodbye at the back of my mind. I never let it drift onto the surface or the forefront of my stash of current thoughts. I never allowed myself to think that far ahead when it came to my cat, I just couldn’t imagine life without her. When two of my colleagues said goodbye to their cats in the space of a year, I felt the pain for them. I blocked out any thought of losing my own cat. I’d look forward to going home and giving her so much love.

Right after burying her, I stayed outside and sat on the garden chair, taking it all in slowly. While I was lost in my thoughts, a distinctive orange butterfly landed on the chair opposite mine. No matter how hard the wind blew it stubbornly stayed in its place, its tiny wings battled against the breeze, not giving up its spot for anything. I was no longer distracted by my thoughts, the butterfly had my full attention. I watched on until the butterfly got up and started flying circles around me. This was a precious moment. With my phone, I searched for the meaning of seeing a butterfly; transformation, change and rebirth. What I read touched my heart wholeheartedly. I took it as my little furball was sending me a message that she doesn’t want me to be sad.

A day later I went back to sit on the same chair and guess what the orange butterfly returned. The butterfly sat in its same spot right in front of me. I slowly picked up my phone to take a picture this time, I didn’t want to scare it away with any sudden movement. While my heart yearns to see my cat, I take every positive sign I get as a blessing in disguise.

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