Stop and smell the roses

Can we just take a moment to stop? Really just freeze on the spot, do nada, close our eyes and think about nothing. Nothing at all. How peaceful does that feel or even sound? 

I’m not one to procrastinate. On my days off from work, I’m sure to keep myself busy one way or another. There are many things for me to do throughout the fleeting hours. The start of a new day for me begins simply with pulling the curtains back and gazing out of the window. I wake up earlier than usual when my mind is not on a race. I sometimes see the sun shining brightly outside which does bring me a whole load of joy and extra points to add to my gratitude lists. However, no matter what level of brightness paints the outdoors I’m happy either way. Be it rain, I’m grateful the flowers are getting watered, I’ll enjoy their presence on a drier day. These simple pleasures bring excitement to the day, I’ll take flowers and laughter over all else.

Once my morning necessities are complete I head straight for the garden with a book and cup of hot chocolate in my hands. I sometimes wonder what my neighbours must think when they see me with slippered feet up, occupying two garden chairs. She looks comfortable is the thought that comes to my mind as I lean back even further into my chair.

Over the past week, I stuck to the practice of consistency. Consistently reading books that influence my positive thoughts, praying in the morning and finding reasons to laugh wholeheartedly (something I’ll write about at a later date). Doing so has set me off on the right foot, to start the day great. Thank God for repetitive gratitude. The more consistent we are, the more we’re able to rewire our minds.

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