Catch up Sunday

I looked forward to sitting down today to type up a short update on my week and thoughts. Sitting down at my favourite writing location Costa, with all its background noise. I can’t remember half of what happened this past week. I’m going to say that’s a good thing. I lived each second as it came. The only thing I can remember is staring at the back of my hand and noticing five things. Sounds odd, but there’s a reason behind this oddness. In the book I’m currently reading, there’s an experiment that focuses on bringing your thoughts back to the present moment and the way to do this, the author (Pam Grout) instructs you to stare at the back of your hand and find five different things. The same goes with your surroundings or with your company. I stopped reading just to stare at my hand. Uncaring about how I may have looked, my only thoughts were on how the lines and smoothness of my skin.

At Costa Coffee, my drink of choice was hot chocolate. I half expected odd stares to be thrown my way. But instead, I was told by the barrister I have a voucher for a free drink on my loyalty card. Of course, I couldn’t turn down a free drink on Costa. 

What is it with hot drinks in hot weather? As bizarre as it sounds, hot drinks cool you down. I for one can vouch for this mini statement. How beverages trigger the body’s sweat response without raising the base temperature. The sweat cools down on the surface of the skin which lessens the warm feeling. I didn’t finish my medium-sized drink all in one gulp, I drank it gradually letting it last.

My week went by faster than expected. Rather than catching up to it, I let it run onwards and upwards.

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