Taking on the heat

Can this weather calm down maybe just a little? Though I’m loving t-shirt season and hot girl summer which mind you should be said all year round. The 40 degrees here in the UK just needs to chill out. Manifesting warmer weather was definitely on the horizon this year. 

On Tuesday the temperature soared to its record highest. I don’t know if I want this record to be beaten. Asking for more ice in drinks trended through restaurants and cafes. My glass of water was filled to the top with ice. To add to the commotion, it didn’t take long for the ice to melt right in front of my eyes. Solid had turned into liquid in the blink of an eye.

The hot weather gave me the feeling of stepping off a plane and onto a warmer country. Yet no planes or four-hour travelling were involved, nor were there any deserted beaches or mocktails by the hotel pool. It was off to work for me.

As I worked during the heatwave I couldn’t spend a large portion of the day laying in the shade beside a fan and a bucket of ice. It became my sport to go into the coldest of rooms at work and spend time trying to cool off. Ice lollies were handed out and devoured in seconds. Windows were shut to keep out the warm breeze and to let the ventilation circulate cold air throughout the old wooden building. I lost count of the number of times I looked at my colleagues with puppy eyes and told them how exhausted I felt. I went in the opposite direction to the I am strong affirmations.

When I stepped out of work I played dodgeball with the sunlight. I only walked in the shade. Visiting air-conditioned museums and shopping centres became a treat on my days off. While ice-filled tap water became a prominent feature to bare hands. My drink of choice was shockingly hot chocolate, yes even on the hottest day. The science behind it is simple. Hot drinks cool you down.

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