Petite delights

The weather is finally cooler now and I’m enjoying every single breeze that comes my way. I don’t mind in what direction the wind blows my hair as long as it balances out the warmness. I’m still wearing short sleeve tops baring my arms for summer. I keep hearing of more heatwave rumours. I can’t say I mind too much. Summer this year is in full swing. I think winter and its minus degrees had us all manifesting a hotter summer. You asked and the universe delivered.

With my niece staying over I had 101 questions to ask about food, aka deserts aka ice cream. We spoke about flavours and landed on the subject of chocolate and shared our love for cocoa beans. I asked how tired she was and whether a walk was out of the picture. It was until the mention of getting ice cream came up. In minutes our shoes were on and we were headed out the door. 

I wasn’t too sure at the beginning about where we could go. On the bus, I quickly Googled every local dessert restaurant and nominated the closest and newest. Somewhere that wasn’t going to take us on long detours and two buses to reach. Google Maps smoothly pinned a place that was fairly new and one stop away from where we currently were. I had never been there, yet had passed it many times. Glassy from the outside and instagrammable from the inside. The entrance had a flower wall to its left. A little tempted to stop and pose but not today. As we were the only ones in the dessert restaurant, we were free to sit wherever we wished.

Handed our menus, we quickly skimmed through the pages. The dessert listing was extensive. Our eyes kept falling back onto the page dedicated to cookie dough. I guess our minds were coincidingly made up. Though it was ice cream that we had set out to get. The waiter approached our table twice at which point we hadn’t decided on what cookie dough to get. With the help of eeney meeney miney mo, we were ready to place an order. There was a faint smell of chocolate lingering out of the kitchen door. Our eyes lit up as two side ice creams and a large pan of cookie dough arrived at our table. 

It didn’t take long for us to scoop the soft cookie dough onto our spoons and dunk it into the ice cream. The warmth of the cookie dough melted the ice cream right away, adding to the delicious taste.

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