It’s time to start romanticising life

The garden and all its habitats are seeing a lot more of me on these warm summer mornings, afternoons and evenings. Crafting out pockets of free time I turn my direction toward the garden. Like hourly walks during 2020/21 lockdowns, sitting in the garden has become my thing. As I step out the backdoor I’m met by the sun’s rays, as they envelop me I embrace them and accept their warmth with complete gratitude. Basking in the warmth allows me to forget that I live in a cold country. 

I no longer complain of the early rises on my days off from work. Instead, I feel excited when I look outside the window and see the brightness of a new day. Making myself a mug of hot chocolate I head straight for the garden, I can’t get out there fast enough. Accompanied by a book, occupying two chairs I sit back, put my feet up, stare at the blue sky and admire the clouds. While everything in my line of sight is pointing upwards in a single perspective, I feel peace as I appreciate the minor things that tend to go unnoticed, lost in the background of mundane stresses.

Following the trended name romanticise life here are my first five tips.

  • A lesson taken from The Course of Miracles by Pam Grout, nothing I see means anything. 
  • Unlearn to relearn. Reset everything that is tampered with your subconscious mind however long it takes.
  • Add a little mindfulness wherever you are. In your mind give gratitude to the little things surrounding you in the present moment, i.e when going for a walk mention the things you like about your walk and what you see as you stroll by them.
  • Tropicalise your beverage. I personally love mint and ginger tea. Knowing that it has so many benefits and is good for me makes the drink all the more worthwhile.
  • Put the phone down and pick up a book. What can I say about books? They have been a goldmine in my self-worth journey. Reading is one of the things that grounds, inspires and brings my mind back to the present. I carry an extra bag with me wherever I go just so that I can take my book with me. I read anywhere, whilst travelling, at appointments waiting to be seen by the dr, at a coffee shop taking a five-minute break. I’ll ditch scrolling for turning a page.

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