Skipping through summer

August is already here. Ok, ok, I’m late at saying this by a full week. But it’s better late than never, right? The months of 2022 are slipping by and I can hardly keep track of the days as they come and go. I have so much to share, but when I get the time to sit down and type it all out, the sharing goes out the window. I’m sitting here at my desk trying to remember what were the highlights of my week and they’re either too many or too little. Well, my gratitude journal will have something to say about the latter comment. It sees me writing long lists of all that I’m grateful for.

Despite how hot it has been, I’m enjoying summer and all its warm glory. Sometimes I relish the rays from my garden and other times indoors where an AC is on at full blast. This is the only season that has always been on my mind all year round. Missed during winter and is the hardest to say goodbye to before it has even started.

Being quiet on here sees me busy elsewhere. I’ve been posting regularly on Instagram. Not quite meeting the speed of a post a day. Design work needs at least two working days before a post goes up. My personal Pinterest account has a different story to tell, I’m hoarding all things I creatively fancy every time I sign on. The current (weekly- at my own pace) brief I’m working on (through Instagram) is for a tropical cereal brand to design their visual branding, including logos, brand patterns and packaging design. And so Presently, my Pinterest and download folder are filled with cereal and leafy images. A little like nature meets breakfast.

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