Catwalk in the park

It was (a fashion) shoot day for a friend of mine. After a markdown of places to shoot, we opted for a nature-inspired backdrop. However, on the day our schedules didn’t clash the weather met us outside at 27 degrees. We temporarily retreated to collect our bearings and eventually came back to match the heat by getting drinks to cool us down. My hot beverage received a few question marks while her icy slush puppie was more than ready to be poured out into a large cup for possibly the 100th.

With our drinks in hand and a large suitcase being towed behind us, we tapped our way over to the Olympic Park. The Olympic Park is spacious enough for plenty of secluded spots with pretty backgrounds. On our expenditure to find a quiet place, we stopped to overlook the canal. My friend spotted a group of fish. I peered over from a safe distance to get a better look. The further we walked along the path the larger the group grew. From my past visits to the same canal, I had never seen them before. This certainly was a present surprise. Our shoot had started off well, thanks to the finned group underwater 

The shoot began with some test runs. Dressed in her beautifully embroidered suit. We walked from one shadowed to unshadowed spot in search of the perfect picturesque location. God’s best filter had its brightness turned up. The shadow made shapes on every blank canvas it landed upon. No backs to the sun, look away from the sun and don’t stand directly in front of the sun. Rules from the viewfinder. 

The shoot was fun all the way through. We got a few looks from interested passerbyers. But not for too long. With TikTok dancers and Instagram influencers, the locals have seen or have been a part of it all. Every few moments we stopped to break. Spoke about life and then returned to work 

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