Is pink the new neutral?

Walking via the top of Oxford Street alongside an assortment of stores. I didn’t pay much heed to the shop windows that appeared and disappeared behind me. This wasn’t my first time walking this walk. I see these shop fronts almost daily on my way to and back from work. Today, however, from the corner of my eyes a glint of pink caught my attention. I turned to look in the direction of where the glimmer was coming from. The store I had stopped in front of was my favourite Next. A couple of shop front mannequins had been dressed in pink satin attires. Some movement from the wind and a little glimmer from the fabric was all it took to stop me in my tracks and turn my head. I internally noted down into my to-do list to check out Next’s clearance section on their website. I am a bargain hunter. 

Continuing on with my stroll I now looked at each window display as I passed by them. This time paying attention to the choice of colours used. Of course, they differed from each other. Some shop fronts opted for lighter pastel shades whilst others made bold statements with bright hues.

I’ve adopted a lot of pink into my wardrobe. Slowly but surely my collection of one or two odd pieces has grown over the past year. The 50% (or more) sales at Next have played a big part in helping me fuel my pink collection or should I say fever. The recent summer sale saw a mass of pink garments being dropped into my shopping basket, the heap just kept growing until it turned into a mountain of pink fusion. I knew exactly what I was doing, even when I was checking out what looked like bags of candy floss.

Each day is a new opportunity to dress up whether that’s for work or a walk. I opt to wear at least one garment that isn’t black. I’m solely campaigning for a pink season all year round. Especially winter to cheer up the doom and gloom that reside in the dark and dreary days.

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