Those who dare wear pink 

Feeling a little nostalgic, I thought back to the days long before Facebook and Instagram, when fashion magazines were the go-to for the latest trends. I used to carefully tear out the pages that inspired my fashion sense and glued them into a scrapbook, which was never reopened or flipped through. In school, we’d know when the latest magazine issues were to arrive on the shelves of a newsagent near us through word of mouth. Within hours the stocks would run low, and shelves remained empty until the next delivery. We’d call each other excitedly on the wired phones, after having purchased our own copy. The conversations usually went like this “I just bought my magazine, did you get yours?”. There would be shared sympathy if anyone missed out.

I’d skim through crisp pages, carefully leafing through not wanting to crease the sheets. I’d skip past the features of long text articles for a later date and turn towards the makeup and fashion pages, every section had its time. In between all the curated photoshoots, there would always be one page that featured fashion on the streets. I’d always think the photographers have done a great job at spending what may seem like hours on the streets to spot girls who break the norm and dress stylishly unique. 

Today, times have changed. I can’t remember the last time I bought a fashion magazine. Whereas I opened a few to tear out images for a vision board. But they were not magazines that were purchased by me, I found them lying on a book shelf in the staff canteen, they were last season’s issue and ready to be recycled. Before it got thrown away I took out a few pages from the travel and home section.

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