It’s been a while

It’s a break she wanted and it’s a break she got. For the majority of my hiatus, I’ve been away. A couple of weeks ago I sat on a plane that flew me thousands of miles away from my bed, my home and my city (London). After almost two elongated years this was my first trip out of the country. 

Over a month ago when the plan to go to the Middle East arose I was entirely up for the journey. How could I possibly refuse a break and a spiritual one at that? My energy very much needed and wanted a complete reset and recharge. A family friend mentioned a tour organiser, who was taking a mixed group of people to the M.E. My mum made some further enquiries, relayed the details back to me and before I knew it we were discussing dates. I took the required two weeks off from work and from there on waited to be jetted off into the afternoon sky. 

It was in the early morning of Sunday that we arrived at our destination. After hours of travelling my tired self was happy to reach the hotel and sit in the lounge chairs for however long I needed. This was the start of a new journey.

Each waking day I was greeted by 40 degrees of heat. The need for consuming cold water had elevated. I was continuously carrying bottles of mineral water everywhere I went, water had become essential for going out. The litres of water I drank in the ten days I was there had done wonders on my skin. 

Every day I caught myself off guard. I noticed how involved I was in the present. Battling the heat in search of shade really did help. I called it tough strength training. I spent a lot of my time walking through the busy bazaars (markets), getting lost and finding my way around all the stalls, bends and corners that almost looked similar to each other. Once I discovered key markings and started recognizing some shop fronts it made my wanderings a lot easier and made me comfortable to venture out a little further.

I will upload non-blurry phone pictures or find them on Unsplash, in hope of finding DSLR images.

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