It’s the little things in life that count

I’m back to finding ways on how I can romanticise life. I’ve heard and seen this term takeover social media the same way glow up once did (or still does). Romanticising life is a mindful way of being happier and appreciating the little things. It’s turning mundane days into something intentionally exciting, even if that’s making a cup of hot chocolate, adding a mountain of cream and a sprinkle of shaved chocolate on top, bringing Costa coffee’s finest to the kitchen counter.

The other day after a meal out, my friend and I were walking to the station. We were approached by a man who asked if we had any change. Unfortunately at the time, I did not have any in my purse. My friend did and as she stopped to search her bag, the man had walked away before she had even taken the change out of her purse. We both felt terrible. This opened up a conversation of gratitude between us. I listed down all the “basic” things I have in my life that I am grateful for. The list was endless. I don’t realise this but I really am spoilt for choices. Do I want one pillow or two? If the pillow is not comfortable enough, I’ll buy myself a new one. What’s for breakfast today, the? The fridge is filled with ingredients. Do I have boiled eggs or a croissant? How will my outfit look today? Should I wear a poncho or a shawl? My choices are limitless. To have these choices is a luxury.

Waking up today I said a little thank you. Smiled because of the good night’s sleep I just had. Being extra I had sprayed lavender pillow mist on my pillows the night before.

3 thoughts on “It’s the little things in life that count

  1. I think that’s what’s so eye opening about giving to people who are less fortunate, you get to see how many things you have in your life..

    One time, while I was waiting for a friend of mine at the shops, I had bought a few things from the grocery shop.. and there were a few homeless looking for some food.. and even though the food that I had bought was meant as a treat to myself, offering it to them showed me a new perspective. Even though that food was a treat for me, something that I wanted. For them, it was something that was hard to come by and was something that they needed.

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    1. What was a treat for you may have been a meal for them. It makes us realise how fortunate we really are and what we already have is more than enough… Example I once used to think I don’t anything to wear out and now I look forward to making new outfits with what I have.

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      1. It’s so true, though.. There are so many things in our life that we take for granted that for for someone less fortunate can be an absolute treasure for them.. Thank you for writing this blog post and for reminding me about this 😊💕

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