Diary dayz

“Where do you want to go?” my friend asked. “coffee” I answered, which doesn’t necessarily mean coffee, it actually means hot chocolate. “You really do love your coffee shops,” she replied. Yes, yes and yes I do. 

On this warm autumnal day, I waited for my friend by Bethnal Green Station. The location proved itself to be handy as our indecisive selves couldn’t think of a place to go. We jumped on a train and headed to Westfield (shopping centre), Stratford, always a saviour for those who don’t know what to do. Our first stop at the shopping centre wasn’t a coffee shop, it was Westfield’s third-floor food court. There were a variety of hot and cold places to choose from. I opted for tacos, which turned out to be much smaller than what the picture displayed but tasty nonetheless. I wasn’t overly full and that suited me just fine as it gave me enough room for hot chocolate.

This was the first time I was drinking at Cafe Nero in years. I couldn’t remember the last time I visited this Coffee Shop chain. As I was with my friend I didn’t want to come across as picky. Whereas my mind on the other hand was screaming let’s go to Costa Coffee. I let my legs do the walking, without my mind or mouth interrupting the direction we were going as I followed her into Cafe Nero.

Looking up at the menu board I instantly searched for the hot chocolate section. It was pleasing to know cream was complimentary and they had a luxury Belgian hot chocolate as an option. Omg yes to both. This wasn’t such a bad idea I thought to myself as I placed my order.

3 thoughts on “Diary dayz

  1. I hope your hot chocolate was worthwhile. Have you tried Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate if they have a cafe near you – its to die for 🙂 I actually have a photo of my last visit just waiting for me to write a post 🙂

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