Diary dayz 02: All is calm

I was watching a morning routine Vlog on YouTube by Radika Shetty. She spoke about what she did after waking up each morning at 5am. I took mindful notes. Ever since all the lockdowns, morning routines have become an actual thing for me. On my days off from work, the routine is elongated and slowly carried through into the afternoon. I’m in no rush to go anywhere.

For each work-free morning, I’ve made it a part of my dawn routine to make hot chocolate before I sit down to begin my reading or listening (to podcasts/ affirmations) or both, I’m all for romanticising life the tasty way, plus I look forward to drinking hot chocolate so it adds a little delectation. I know I one day need to make the switch to something less sweet and without sugar, instead have mint and ginger tea or tea packet that has calm written on the packaging and Jasmine leaves inside, I’m not at the transition point just yet, maybe after 10 more days of planks the guilt may start to kick in. 

As I waited for the milk to warm up in the microwave I stood by the kitchen window looking out at the grassy garden. I could see our neighbourhood cat sitting on one of the white garden chairs. I turned the noisy door lock to open the back door, which alerted her of someone’s presence. Upon recognising the familiar sound she jumped off the chair and ran towards the door. She was inside the kitchen before I had fully opened the door to step out.

As always I was happy to see her. I gave her some food and sat stroking her while she ate. Once she was full and had a full dose of my company she walked to the other end of the garden to sleep. I got up and walked back inside to continue with my day. 

Back in my room I set my hot chocolate down, picked up my phone, grabbed the headphones and tapped on youtube. The first thing I wished to listen to this morning was some positive I AM’S (affirmations). Spoilt for choices, I went with the ones I know by Jason Stephenson. 

And so the day was set.

3 thoughts on “Diary dayz 02: All is calm

  1. Glad I came across your blog. I too am waking up at 5 am lately (and blogging about it) to see if it can help put me in a different mindset. I definitely need to check out the positive affirmations. Any other suggestions?

    All the best,

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      1. Perfect! Thank you so much for the recommendations. I appreciate you taking the time to share. I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend.

        All the best,

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