Diary dayz 04: The lights are on

And just like that the mile-long street lit up. The annual Christmas lights on Regent Street were switched on a week ago. I wasn’t working that day and missed out on watching the twinkles of LEDs light up the early dark skies. The angels soaring over Regent Street are known as ‘the spirits of Christmas’.

Hibernation season is in full swing. The crispy weather is forcing me to keep my nature-loving self indoors. Recharging my batteries under a soft white throw, I’ve been preoccupied with a couple of new hobbies from scrapbooking to making lists of outdoor activities that I can possibly do independently next year. I’m also searching for new coffee shops to try their hot chocolates and new places to walk. Can I call making lists a hobby? Ever since I went on a speedboat ride with my work colleagues a couple months ago it has been my goal to get back onto one. I asked a few friends if they would be interested in trying it out and received more maybes than definite yeses. Rather than waiting to schedule in days to fit around everyone else’s plans, I’ve decided to do things alone, just because, well why wait?

I’ve probed through the Timeout website page for things to do in London. The list of activities was long enough to take me straight through to 2024. In due time the list will be edited to include upcoming exhibitions and events. I saw a quote by Dr Samuel Jackson printed onto a board close by Tottenham Court Road Statopm that read “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” and I couldn’t have agreed more. It baffles me when people say to me there’s nothing to do in London. 

Planning for the year ahead I’m preparing a scrapbook that will document at least one activity a week, even if it’s going for a walk. A little something to always look forward to,

3 thoughts on “Diary dayz 04: The lights are on

    1. It’s always nice when the streets are lit up especially now that its getting dark in afternoon and they’re really stunning. I hope you do enjoy seeing the Christmas lights. I’m hoping to see a few more Christmas lights around London.

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