Diary Dayz 05: Let it go

November is not over but I must say it has been a month of all sorts. With less than a week to go, I can only hope the remaining days are enjoyable and pleasant. New gratifying passages to be added to my journal. 

This past week included a series of unamiableness. Luckily it wasn’t every day, I don’t want to become fluent in the language of complaints. 

I’ve purposely overread quotes like “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” (Paulo Coelho). Memorising each stitch of these sentences comes in handy when dealing with difficult people. More than once last week that was the case. I circled my thoughts around how her/ his attitude has nothing to do with me, to keep my inner self at peace, at those moments that’s all that matters to me. 

After each adverse moment took place, I made the error of repeating the dialogues with my colleagues and in my mind. I kept recreating the unfriendly experiences. Looking back now I realise I shouldn’t have gone over the discourse so much. The same negative emotions of feeling upset or annoyed would take over my mood almost as if the events had just happened five minutes ago and in a way, I believe I was manifesting the same sort of scenarios to take place again and again. Life lesson learned. I knew that complaining about something that had occurred in the past would make me feel anything but good. It wasn’t the same as writing out anything that’s negatively consumed in my mind to simply let them go, instead, I was rewinding them back in.

This week I skipped onto Monday, repetitively telling myself that this is a good week. I no longer rehearsed anything that may recede my mood. The complete contrast in words. I looked for ways to make others smile or even laugh, gave credit where credit was due and openly complimented on what o thought looked nice

Today I smiled at my colleague and told her I felt great and naturally I did.

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