Diary Dayz 06: Time to reflect and journal

It was an early day for me at work. I finished four hours after entering the building. A week earlier this would’ve been my day off, however, I agreed to go in as cover for a short time. On my way home I took a few detours through a couple of bookshops and a Tesco supermarket. At Waterstones (bookstore) I scanned the rows of self-help and spiritual books and found a journal by Jake Humphrey. For £14 I was tempted to buy it. Every time I held the book I thought of the four other guided journals I already own that are sitting on my shelf waiting to be written in. Wait actually let’s make that five journals. I kept telling myself this won’t be any different, it would end up like the other and so back on the shelf, it went, this is where it belonged. Like notebooks, I’m a guided journal hoard. Why do things seem more appealing before they officially become yours?

A few snacks for the journey and a book recommendation later I was ready to catch a bus and head home. The bus I got on was empty with as few as three people sitting on the upper deck. I sat at the front with a full window view. On the row of seats beside mine sat two chattering girls. Throughout the whole journey, I overheard their conversation. From what I picked up it was clear that one of the girls had just recently broken up with her now ex-boyfriend. Part of me wanted to interrupt their two-way conversation to give her some sisterly advice, to tell her to be strong, take some time out for herself and be surrounded by people who brought her mood up. As hard as it was, I chose to stay quiet instead and silently wished her all the best.

Back home, I pulled out each journal and was thankful they were not dated. I made a new years resolution to fill them in. What better time to do that than when new-me, new-goals are fresh on my mind.

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