Diary dayz 08: It’s time to wear quadruple the layers and think about resolution lists.

A week ago the marking on the thermometer dropped below the minus sign. As one could feel it coming, it snowed heavily on Sunday night. The snow layered up into a thick, soft blanket. The white coating looked beautiful when I looked out the window at it from the warm comfort of my home. Along With the minus sign not budging, the snow sat around for days. The fun was over, it was now the sleet-ful aftermath that one had to slowly manoeuvre through. Bringing traffic to a standstill in some areas and pedestrians like me to near skidding falls. Luckily I only got as far as the unbalanced wobble. Looking around me I wasn’t the only one, with her hands out trying to stay in a straight posture with slow steps. It took a few days for the icy conditions to change. Once The rain came it just like that washed away the remaining snow and brought with it some warm degrees. Buildings are now back to being red or grey again, trees are baring their green souls and the Streets are easier to walk on. 

With the weather back to normal, conversations with my colleagues changed distinctly, we went from talking about layering up and if we had an extra jumper in our lockers straight to new years resolutions. I mentioned my plans to make a new year’s resolution list for this coming year. I hadn’t made one for a couple of years as I never really stuck to the list. I guess I never really understood the importance of it and only half-heartedly made a generic one in a similar way to everyone around me, never really personalising it. It was always a bullet-pointed list with single words. Halfway through the year, I’d lose interest in the sheet of paper my list was written on and would give it no further thought or even look at it again.

My colleague’s reply “speak it into existence” gave me The Secret vibes. I’m all for being optimistic, manifestations and mustering patience. The energy behind making a resolution list at the end of this year is different in a positive way and I like that. I shared the idea of making a manifestation-resolution list with a couple more friends. I’m not so secretly promoting resolutions. Here’s a New Years’ cheer to a new everything.

A part of my list is to make more goal-related lists each month. One can only imagine how 2023 will look like for me, I’ll have a list for that.

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