Diary dayz 09: Happy New year

12 new chapters and 365 new chances. I said during the first week of January I would be working on a new routine and that was, to begin with, a 5am start. Things didn’t go as planned as I woke up four hours later at 9am. But that’s ok I have 364 more chances to get this right. I made a conscious effort to break old habits. I did not reach for my phone to scroll through dozens of posts. Instead, I made my bed and set a few books including a journal on it, ready for me once I came back to my bedroom after a morning shower. 

With reading and journaling done, I spent the first half of the day moving at a slow pace. I didn’t have work today so there was zero need to rush around to get things done. I enjoy living in the slow lane and could get used to this. I find it more mindful and feel more in the present. One of the books I’m currently reading is “evolve your brain” by Dr Joe Dispenza. Each turning page has me thinking I wish I had read this book a lot sooner in life. But nonetheless, here it is open in my hands.

The journal I’m currently writing in is by Chiltern and is absolutely stunning. I don’t know what it is with pretty journals, I just feel motivated to carry them around in my handbag, open them up and write in them until I reach the very last page. 

I wanted to begin the year doing voluntary charity work and so I went to an open soup kitchen run by Children of Adam. In Holborn (London) every Sunday COA distributes food to the homeless and anyone who is in need. Donations come in from different sources and supermarkets. I love that many donate unsold food and hope many more follow suit.

How was your new year?

2 thoughts on “Diary dayz 09: Happy New year

  1. What a positive outlook to the year. It is nice to have time to be able to relax and start the day at a slower pace. I agree, I could get used to that, but will be back at work and a faster pace for my morning commute soon enough.

    Good luck with your new year

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