Diary dayz 10: Goal setting marathon

No matter how elongated January seems to be, there is no denying the urge to set a hundred and one goals, whether that’s to do with short-term/long-term savings or a sugar-free diet. In my vocabulary, the word goal has been replaced by manifesting and scripting. In 2022 manifesting somewhat became an illustrious word of the year. I wonder if this is due to the high rise of the law of attraction social media posts, books and youtube videos? I’ve seen a number of influencers posting pictures on Instagram of their favourite book by Roxie Nafousi, Manifest. Bring out all the vision board cutouts. I know what direction I’d like my life to head. 

I always feel a sense of freedom at the start of the year. Like a back-to-school reset. Progressing forward with all the good I’ve learnt and strength I’ve gained and leaving behind any guilt and disappointments for things I did or didn’t do. I’m ready to set those self-love exams. This is my hour to shine. After days, weeks and months of revision, test me on my self-worth. Positive I know all the right answers. Humble much? Yes.

These budding days add a little spring to my step. The goal is to continue strolling through the year like that. I seize the motivation of looking at the new year with novel rose-tinted lenses. Setting goals, forecasting a brighter tomorrow. 

One thing I need to stop doing is ordering more books. I truly have become a book hoarder, but that’s just me living up to my nerd status.

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