Diary dayz 11: To the joy of resetting

I mentally skipped out of work last Thursday knowing my long overdue mini break started from that very moment. While I wasn’t visually skipping for passerbyers to watch, my step did feel 10 times lighter. The reset and recharge of my drained batteries had officially started, I could feel it with every stride. 

I unwrapped each day by waking up naturally without the succour of an alarm. My body clock fully participated in this and messed up the early rising sleeping pattern. I couldn’t bring myself to rise up at 8am. Lying in and knowing there was no time limit felt so good. My bedtime also untold the same story, it kept getting pushed back by what started off as a few minutes soon turned into hours. I went from going to bed at 9pm to forcing myself to sleep at 1am. How some people sleep so late by calling 12pm early and still manage to be up at 7am is beyond my understanding. Could I do it? No, is the simple answer. 

Whilst knowing the end date, isolation for a few days felt good. That much-needed alone-me time really did hit the spot of mindfulness. After almost a year of feeling cabin fever every time I was indoors with zero plans to go outside, apart from an hour’s walk (a tradition I’m continuing), the feeling of being content indoors was a pleasant surprise even for me. I made peace with having a few days to myself. 

Before my time off began I got the dreaded lockdown (03) feeling of what I was going to do with my time, desperately trying to find ways to fill the hours. Instead of running with those thoughts, I let them run off alone into the far distance. My attitude was to take one day at a time. To get me prepped I put aside a few books and saved a couple of videos to my watch later folder on Youtube. Which I later discovered was pointless, I can tell you now that I did not read half the books or listen to all the videos. I bought a new book by David Baldacci and was excited from morning to night just to get through 500 plus pages of a fictional crime novel and listened to videos that were uploaded daily through Youtube’s homepage. I call that time well spent.

The days are what we make of them. I enjoyed each day.

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