Diary dayz 12: Happiness

Happiness has inadvertently become my word of the year. While I’m not entirely through the first month, I’m sure many, many more words will pop up and be attached to the word of the year expression. Come December and I’ll have a whole collection, a jar full of words. I’ve taken the term happiness and have stuck it on top of every gratitude list and vision board (I have one). It is a part of my morning get-out-of-bed affirmation “Today I am filled with happiness”. I once listened to a speech by Motivational speaker Les Brown, he talked about the importance of owning the morning and declaring you are happy and that today is a good day. Just as his live audience cheered over what he had said, I did too from my chair. I’ve revisited his videos and played them on repeat ever since. He’s one of the motivational speakers I enjoy listening to.

January has been full of optimistic resolutions. I’m one for making and tweaking them. There is no harm in missing a few days, says the day misser. I’ve come to learn happiness doesn’t make an out-of-the-blue appearance once in a while or once upon a time, instead it’s a daily tussle, brawling with whatever over-exaggerated negative thought is sitting at the forefront of my mind, cheering itself on. To bring more happiness into my daily grind, I’ve made it my duty to navigate myself towards those with good energy, genuinely bring out my crazy laugh and vice versa by making others smile. Making others feel good about themselves or even smile should also be a part of the self-love, self-worth category as self-giving. Over the years the sum total of close friends has decreased to single digits, making that five. Less is more. Whether we know or like to believe it, our environment plays a great impact in influencing our thoughts. I never recognised this until a few videos and books ago, when they pointed out rigid realities.

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