Diary dayz 13: Good company and hot chocolate are my favourite days out

I had spent the whole of Saturday at home and halfway through the day regret of not seeing a change of environment began to kick in. It was at a time when I felt too lazy to get changed, do my makeup and my hair. Staying in won. I grabbed my phone, called my friend and asked her what her plans were for tomorrow. She said she didn’t have any plans and so I jumped right in and said let’s go out for a drink (hot chocolate). Adults will understand you normally need a week’s notice to plan something like that. But she agreed and we met the next day. It was as simple as that. Enjoyed breaking the trend of “let me look at my phone calendar and get back to you”.

My friend and I didn’t go to a coffee shop as such and instead met at a dessert parlour. So many of these are popping up in my borough. The competition is wild and my sweet tooth is all for it. There are many dessert restaurants on my radar, however, I keep going back to the same place (Urban Chocolatier) that handed me and my niece an amazing cookie dough served in a hot pan, drizzled with melted white chocolate and two small cups of ice cream. They may just have the best cookie dough and I may just be their best cookie dough customer.

My friend had picked the location, regardless of my not-so-subtle UC suggestions. I must admit I at first was somewhat hesitant to try a new place. But like a trooper, I went along. It was time to try something new. We met outside a place called Sweets, a fitting name for a dessert place. Hugs and small talk later we entered through the double glass doors. I took a glance around the interior taking in the contemporary decor. The colourful bubbled ceiling lighting was my favourite feature. 

We sat by the street-facing windows. As it was quiet we were seen to straight away. a waitress came over to our table and handed us two menus. The dessert listing was extensive, however, despite eyeing up every single sweet dish on every single page I still stuck to ordering a hot chocolate. I took my time deciding. As this wasn’t Costa or Pret, there was more than one variation. After some consideration, I opted for a Nutella hot chocolate. Once the waitress returned to take out orders. She asked if I’d like to add any sides for just 50p. And of course, I said yes to the marshmallows and cream. I am hitting the gym daily so I guess a treat here and there is well-deserved. 

The hot drinks arrived with a mountain of cream on top and marshmallows on a side plate. The amount given was a lot more generous than city coffee shops. Through slow conversations, I dipped and dunked the marshmallows into the hot chocolate and took no time finishing my drink.

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