Diary day 14:Prioritising my time

Guilt has been hovering over me like a heavy dark grey cloud. Every time I upload a post I say to myself almost like a promise that I’ll write something to upload in a few days. The excitement of blogging kicks in just as it did in the early days. I sit at my drawing board aka desktop and start writing a paragraph or two. Giving myself an extended break to do other things and ending up revisiting my incomplete edit after a few days, where did the time go? By then the excitement for that written piece wears off and I’m torn between deleting the whole lot and starting over. 

Well, here I am closing the week-long gap, just as I look over the date I last posted and shake my head. I miss sharing miniature snippets of my life and thoughts. I’ve been busy working on passion projects through open briefs shared on Instagram. This has taken up a lot of my creativity time. While I’m using all my mindful resources on drawing and designing, my writing skills have slowed down a little. With the colossal hiatuses, it takes me more motivation and concentration to put words on paper. My time spent on the desktop is 50% browsing art on Pinterest, 25% aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and 25% drawing lines on Photoshop. Although the ratio between scrolling and drawing may not be as equal as I have put it, it’s life under distraction. My attention span drops by midday. What could take me ten minutes to draw ends up taking half an hour. A sudden move from the mouse there and a click here could naturally lead me to Facebook or the Next clothing website for a few minutes of nothingness. Time not so well spent. 

Currently, as I type this I’m skipping between photoshop and Google Docs. Writing and drawing as I go. 

The current scene on my Instagram account.

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