Diary dayz 15: Getting caught up in a novel

When I finally arrive at the final page of a novel after a marathon of words flying by. The page no longer feels as light as a leaf; it suddenly appears too heavy to lift like a ton of weight has dropped on it. It’s this page where I wish magic would apply itself. The page that I hope never ends. I want to continue reading the novel knowing more and more about what happens next and in what direction the main characters go. It’s on this page where you feel like both the stop and pause buttons are pressed together. Until next time, if only.

The last couple of days were spent reading a thriller book every time I found pockets of free time, during my travels to and back from work, lunch breaks and before bed. I had only opened the book less than a week ago and once I hit 100 pages it was tough to put it back down. A few more minutes is what I’d say to myself, two minutes won’t do any harm, aside from leading me deeper into the story and away from sleep. I enjoyed the novel from start to end, those last three hundred pages hit my attention. 

The interesting book in question is Hunting Time by Jeffrey Deaver. A character series. This is the third book I’ve read on the same character. Though the novel was fictional it still pierced me. I took away so much from it. At times I thought I was the one being spoken to. Shaw, the lead character, spoke of the philosophy of never saying never, gave everything a predictable percentage of what could happen and remained calm in the trickiest situations. What got me the most was the advice that he would share throughout the book, I’d take them and stash them into my internal memory. When he conversed he’d listen intently without interrupting or later speaking of himself. 

The ending had a shocking big plot twist which I never saw coming. This taught me there are always two sides to a story (obviously) and to never believe everything.

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