To change the way I see everyday things

Watching the sky transition from light to dark, It feels like I’m blinking the short days and long nights away. Despite almost reaching the third month, it’s still early and the beginning of the year for me. The optimism of a new year, a new me is still flowing like a breath of fresh air under my cold wings. There’s always a new morning to start and learn something new and a new evening to complete an old book or start a new one. Though it may not seem like it, I have thus far accomplished so much.

Veiling from the cold and all its brisking glory is lasting longer than expected. I thought, well not so secretly hoped a spike of heat was on the horizon a week ago when the sun shyly started peeking through from behind grey clouds. A colleague of mine looked out the window and said “the weather looks nice today”. I followed her gaze to see the buildings opposite ours shining brightly under the rays. We both simultaneously uttered three simple words “it’s about time”. Well, that hopeful thinking was short-lived. I’m no longer patiently waiting for the long-awaited arrival of spring. Let there be blossoms and let it be warmth. Please. 

With my forever winter gear, I headed out yesterday to run a few errands. In the middle of all the chaos, I took a short stroll through my local High Street. There my eyes fell upon a little girl who was chasing a pigeon. Of Course, the pigeon was one step ahead; it could easily have chosen to fly away if the girl had gotten too close. However, the pigeon stood its ground and instead ran in front of the cheerful little girl. I could hear the enjoyment in her laughter. Watching her made me smile. We could learn a thing or two from children, especially how to not care about what others think, to live in the moment and just enjoy the smaller things in life. She was curious about something and it was her freedom to enjoy her curiosity in the best way possible. When her mum called her to leave she was sad to stop the game for a short moment and then happily skipped away.

We could learn to unlearn and be curious and excited. Now I’m not saying I’ll be chasing a pigeon but I will look differently at the things in my everyday life.

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