New hair cut new me.

Today was finally the day I was going to take the plunge and go back to having short hair. It had been a few years of wearing my hair mid-length and layered that I was ready for the cut-off. Weeks leading up to the haircut, I looked for inspiration everywhere, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it. The ends needed a healthy snip and I needed a serious change. A shake-up through the decrease of inches.

The hairstylist I normally go to was busy with clients waiting back to back for hair colouring. I decided not to wait hours and went with the next available stylist. I sat nervously in the hairdresser’s chair. When she asked “What would you like today,” I said to myself “Here goes nothing”, there is no backing out now. I told her I wanted a sleek bob. She asked how short I wanted to go and a few other questions. She said to achieve the gradient I needed some length at the front. She took the words right out of my mouth, this pinged relaxation into me. From that moment on, I knew I was in good hands.

As my hairdresser washed my hair she told me “This cut is really popular today you’re the fourth person to ask for this haircut” The time at that point was only 2.30pm. Once back on the main hairdresser’s chair, I kept my head down the majority of the time. A few comb strokes later, I felt the cold touches of the scissors as she snipped away at the hairline. The sound of metal brushing against metal. I watched inches of curls drop softly to the ground. The growing pile was exciting to watch, a new look was underway. As she snipped the ends away, we talked the entire time about anything and everything. From Easter plans to chocolate, from gyms to diets. 

With summer fast approaching, I want a hairstyle that would be easy, light and perfect for the breezes. A little less time holding the hairdryer and/ or straightening tongs, slowly straightening or curling section to section. This bob is to allow the warm summer air to make waves through the polished bouncy ends.

Bob cuts tend to be one gradual length without any extra layers or feathers cut in. The back being the shortest is cut to the hairline and the front is a full long length, cut an inch away from the chin. This look, when straight, helps frame the face, draw attention to an elegant neckline and sculpts the jaw.

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