A petite treat for the eyes through words

A day without coats. Last week my colleague mentioned good weather is on the horizon when I returned to work after a few days off sick. A cold in April? It is England after all. I told her I’d heard this many times and I’ll believe it the day I don’t have to wear a coat out. And just like that, as though the heat button had suddenly been turned up, the weather had warmed up. Yesterday I finally ventured out with a coat. I could no longer believe the illusion of a bright shining morning whilst looking out the window. It wasn’t until I stepped out the front door for a few seconds, that  I had to do a quick 360 turn and go back into the house to leave my coat behind. Has that day finally arrived? I looked around to see what others were wearing and to make sure I wasn’t being overly excited about the warm rays. But alas many showed their arms with short-sleeved t-shirts while others wore light jackets. Had I continued to wear my coat I’m sure it would’ve easily merely been overlooked as should I, shouldn’t I, dilemmas.

To post more often I will be sharing two affirmations every other odd day, along with short snippets of my mornings, thoughts and maybe the weather.

I grow more confident and stronger each day

I am exactly where I need to be on my path to being the better version of myself. I am growing every day. I trust my intuition will guide me to the next steps on my journey. With sound faith, I no longer stress about the past or the future. Whilst loving life I am grounded in the present moment.

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