Before thoughts become words

“Every other odd day,” she said. Oh dear, has it truly been this many days of quietness. Every time I enter my blog the first and last thing I want to look at is the date of the last post, for two completely opposite reasons, one, out of hope the post wasn’t that long ago and two, grateful that I had posted something that month. 

Life has become ever so busy but in a good way. I’ve occupied myself with an early morning routine, reading and participating in passion projects on Instagram (to me creatively motivated). I’m using chocolate as a means to get me out of bed at 5.30 am. After a week of putting this into practice, I can report back and say the mission thus far has been a success.

Yes, I did just say chocolate and morning in the same sentence. Although I should completely be cutting sugar out of my diet and I did for a bit. However, after staying away from the sweet molecules for a set number of days I’d run back to it at every given chance. Cheat days would dampen the hard work done, by me ordering desserts and hot chocolate all at once.

Rather than going completely cold turkey on the sweet stuff, I’ve decided to dedicate a time to it and that’s the morning. As crazy as it sounds, I am having chocolate at breakfast time. A while ago I read somewhere that it was better to have chocolate at breakfast, the sugar rush aside, I won’t argue with that. I’m sure Google will be able to upload the article or posts in seconds.

I am the architect of my life. I design its structure in the best way.

I am worthy and have so much to offer. I am making great headway in growing myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am so fortunate to have this time to expand my knowledge and find my true self. (inspired by Moon Omens, Instagram).

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