All things pink and beautiful

A couple of weeks ago my colleague and I made a plan to visit different restaurants and cafes. I had decided to venture away from the hot beverages of Costa, to try something new. And so finally that time had come, this week for the first time ever I visited one of the most instagrammable cafes in London, EL&N cafe. 

It’s right opposite my workplace. Yet despite this, I’ve never entered, always walked past assuming the pretty in pink cafe will be overly priced. But as I learned the prices do vary depending on the time. The later in the day the better.

As we entered, we were met with the sweet smell of chocolate that hoovers through the air of any cafe. The interior was of course 20 shades of pink from wall to wall. One wall was mirrored while the end wall greeted us with a pink neon sign. As this was after work, it wasn’t busy and there were no queues. Slowly scanning all the pastries on display, my eyes fell upon an Oreo cheesecake. The combination itself helped me make my mind up. Cheesecake fangirl over here.

Along with the Cheesecake, I ordered a hot chocolate. Once my drink arrived I headed nervously and slowly down the spiral staircase, where there was a full floor of seating. I had to do two rounds, to hold a product in one hand and the rail in the other. Descending, I looked around the empty floor, taking in the neon messages pasted on each wall, my favourite read, “well dressed and coffee obsessed”. As it was late in the afternoon and the weather was pleasant, most people chose to sit outside. The choice of velvet chairs to sit on was endless. We opted for comfortable beige leather sofas.

The Cheesecake was prettily displayed on a pink tray. While my friend took pictures I dug in with my spoon. Almost ruining her shot, I turned the tray around so the eaten side won’t be seen. A behind-the-scenes of what Insta versus reality looks like.

My favourite out of the two (hot chocolate and Oreo cheesecake) was the cheesecake. The cheesecake was sweet, as expected as cheesecakes normally are. My sweet tooth self liked that. All sugars aside, the texture was soft, light and airy. 

I build my life’s foundation and choose its contents.

My spirit brings radiance and love into the universe. I have new connections pouring into my life. I am so blessed to have supportive people in my life that I can trust and know they value me as much as I value them.

5 thoughts on “All things pink and beautiful

      1. If I was looking for something really good, I’d go to a Hotel Chocolat cafe … it is out of this world. I’ll need to try Costas next time I’m in, but I usually go for coffee


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