Hi, welcome to my blog

I’m an absolute city girl, through and through. I have London written all over me. I know shortcuts, like the back of my hand. You can find me roaming around the side streets avoiding the hustle and bustle of the main roads. And, if you ask me how far our destination is, I’ll tell you it’s down the road (typical Londoner).

Art and creativity run through my veins. In no particular order, my passion is travel, photography and digital art. I like to fill my days with beautiful places, inspiring artwork and exciting challenges.

Growing up, I’ve always had a pencil in my hand, a full set of crayons and canvases of all sizes. School trips to museums, galleries or anywhere that involved observational drawings were always an adventure for my sketch pads. These outings soon became a permanent link to each page.

Turning the chapter, as technology became easily accessible my interests from HB pencils and nylon brushes shifted towards the click of a button. I studied Interior Design at University. On completion of my degree, I did workshops in photography and short courses in CGI 3D modelling.

I’ve since changed direction towards 2D digital art. My art highlights detail, observation and colourful patterns. Welcome to my journey.