Home is where the heart is

With normality coming back to life. I’m singing the praises of my home city, London. At first glance, London is known for its centuries-old architecture boldly standing beside skyrocketing glass skyscrapers and church steeples poking out between the gaps. However, hiding behind all the concrete and metallic facades are secret spots only a few whisper about. 

There’s more to the (soon to be) busy streets of London than a few cracks on the wall. The curvaceous lines imitate road maps, with a few broken trails or tales that lead me to the river. Ever wandered too far down the Thames starting at the Shard, passing the Tower of London and ending up in Greenwich. I have and I can tell you it was pretty long and pretty riveting. Google maps thankfully kept track each time I passed by a neighbourhood. I was too intrigued by the glamorous vista to notice the changing area codes. It felt like I had been beamed out of London as I walked along the bendy path, out of the sight of traffic and in full view of the Thames. Vibrant culture stitched flawlessly along the rims of both sides. A little art here and a little street food there.

Just like magic being injected into my soul, my curious eyes wandered over the contrasting architecture, the water thrashing along the river banks and all the art that came with it. This is my favourite place to be. Each changing scene becomes the background of a photoshoot idea. I had many “we’ll come back” moments. A promise I will fulfil, be it in a month or two or maybe even three. The memories I created sprouted with each step. They removed the blues of yesterday and ignited goals for today or even tomorrow. Walking is a goal right? If not, it is now, for me that is. I’m not one to count steps, I don’t own a pedometer, however, I will recount all the picturesque moments and wish I had taken with my DSLR, had it been in my hands. Some things never change, but should. I really need to snap-shot the charms my eyes witness. But I like to travel light *sighs*.

I didn’t know the route I was on by heart, I used google to direct me every time a path ended. And, yet I still recognised the corners I had never seen before, by the river they felt like home. The sense of peace I endure by the water is next to none. I’ll keep returning whenever my soul wants to breathe. This is pretty much every week, I’m only a single bus ride away. The beauty of living in a compact city, where everything is “down the road”.

2 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

  1. I was lucky enough to travel to London for the first time right before covid shut down the whole world. Now as someone who lives close to NYC, I have been blessed to live right by a huge major city. From what I heard about London, I knew I was going to fall in love with it! I wasn’t wrong. I LOVED London! It’s one of those cities that has so much beautiful history and architecture, but I could relate to the semi-standoffishness from living in a city. Then as an American, the accents are definitely an extra pro, aha! I think the only thing I would struggle with is the fact that London rains so much! As someone who lives on the east coast and goes through all the season, the idea of basically skipping our summer, and only having a spring, fall, and winter would be tough for me! I was lucky when I was there and got 3-4 days of sun though! I tell everyone, if I didn’t live where I live (near NYC), I think the first major city I would flock to is London. Hope you’re doing well 🙂 xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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    1. That was me before the lockdown too, I visited California last Feb, loved every minute of the the beautiful weather. I always tell my cousins they’re so lucky to live in the suburbs and next to San Francisco. I’m so glad to hear you liked London. It really is a beautiful city. Hope you get to visit again soon. I’ll make a list of all the hidden spots that I know about. Im good, I hope you’re well.

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