Chelsea in Bloom

On this bright, sunny afternoon, I picked up my camera and clicked my boots over to the other side of London, Sloane Square to be precise. I had a year-long promise to keep and that was to never miss the annual floral arrangements by Chelsea in Bloom. RHS Flower Show’s complementary alternative.

I arrived at swanky Knightsbridge to begin my long journey from the top of Sloane Street, not wanting to miss out on any of the Under the Sea themed displays. The first exhibit I stopped at was a miniature, underwater seabed by Boodles. Alongside natural elements of sand, roots and wood, a sequence of vibrant flowers had been used to imitate coral reefs. The resemblance of an ocean floor was so good, I thought I had walked into a large outdoor aquarium. A few paces up on the opposite side of the road lay two large flower boxes in the length of double shopfront windows. I crossed over to take a closer look at Roger Vivier’s sea garden. Whilst I counted up to 25 different blue flowers. I found starfishes and seahorses hidden within the blue sea. Nextdoor Bulgari Silver had hung a threaded green and blue flower curtain, that stretched across the whole window. The first of many tall backdrops.

I continued on zigzagging through the street, walking deeper into the colossal fishbowl, still vary of the traffic. Gratefully the sights were all dotted within short walking distance of each other. The closer I got to Sloane Square the bigger the crowds became and I could see why. The displays were a content creators paradise. Pretty much everyone was getting creative on how they wanted their pictures taken. Some people waited patiently to stand in the middle shop entrances for solo outfit shots. 

Each display was unique in its own way, some tall, short, long or wide. wowing at pretty much everything. I got as close as I possibly could to sniff the flowers and curiously touch the texture of a few, the ones that I had never seen before. As I made my way back to the station, I couldn’t help but wonder where the flowers would go. I now wish I had stayed long enough to find out.

Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (3)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (11)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (10)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (8)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (7)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (6)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (5)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (2)Chelsea in bloom, blame it on art (1)

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